William  Hogarth

1697 London 1764


William Hogarth, Hudibras Encounters the Skimmington
Sr. Hudibras Encounters the Skimmington (or The Antichristian Opera) (Hudibras XII)

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  1. Frontispiece and its Explanation to Samuel Butler’s “Hudibras”
  2. Sr. Hudibras his passing worth / The manner how he sally’d forth.
    The Knight and his shield-bearer Ralpho depart for great actions
  3. Hudibras’s First Adventure.
    The Knight in fight with a mob brandishing clubs
  4. Hudibras, catechiz’d.
    The knight thrashed by a masked gang
  5. Hudibras vanquish’d by Trulla.
    The knight vanquished by a woman
  6. Hudibras, in Tribulation.
    Knight + Ralpho in stocks
  7. Hudibras beats Sidrophel and his man Whacum.
    Hudibras at the alchemist
  8. The Committee
  9. Hudibras, Triumphant
  10. Burning ye Rumps at Temple-Barr.
    Down with the rump parliament. The 1653 symbolic burning of the parliament
  11. Sr. Hudibras Encounters the Skimmington
    (or The Antichristian Opera)

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