William Hogarth, Blackwell's Military Figures (Pikemen)

London  Pikemen & Halberd  Men

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). Blackwell’s Military Figures. Pikemen (15) / Halberd Men (11). 26 exercises together with the London Artillerists’ standards before light architectural scenery. 2 sheet. Engravings by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). Inscribed: Hogarth pinxt. / T. Cook sculpt. / Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, & Orme, July and August resp. 1st. 1809., otherwise as above. Subject size 5-5¼ × 7⅝-8 in (12.7-13.5 × 19.4-20.2 cm).

William Hogarth, Blackwell's Military Figures (Halberd Men)

Engraved by Hogarth in 1726 for Blackwell’s Compendium of Military Discipline written for the Artillery Company of the City of London and treated here by Cook – “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too” (Thieme-Becker) – supposedly for the first time for the small edition of the years 1806/09 following his folio edition. – Trimmed within the wide white platemark feebly brown-spotted on three sides.

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