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Open Letter: Gemäldegalerie/Bodemuseum
The Board of the Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker e.V. (the Association of German Art Historians) protests in an open letter to the German Minister of State for the Arts and the Media, Bernd Neumann, against the plans to amalgamate the Berlin Gemäldegalerie and Sculpture Collection (Bode-Museum). Not least owing to the 8499 co-signers according to a press release of August 21, 2013 the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz now recommends instead of moving/amalgamating the Gemäldegalerie a new building at the Kulturforum for the art of the 20th century.


Petition against the plan to empty the Berlin Gemäldegalerie of Old Masters
Jeffrey Hamburger, Kuno Francke Professor of German Art & Culture, Harvard University, objects in a petition signed already by more than 14,000 to sacrificing “one of the world’s premier collections of Old Master paintings, without also making concrete plans to display that collection concurrently in its entirety”. Yet the current plans reveal “that once again the past is being asked to make way for the present without sufficient attention to its future (and) great works of art (are) moved about and sacrificed at the will and whim of politicians“. Not least owing to the 14,438 co-signers, according to a press release of August 21, 2013 the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz now recommends instead of moving/amalgamating the Gemäldegalerie a new building at the Kulturforum for the art of the 20th century.


niemeyer’s AHA! events – by tradition current
Even though it is readily and often deliberately ignored: art always is topical. And quite frequently more topical – and foremost more striking – than some of today’s contemporaries not least in politics & economy may like. But no matter whether Hogarth or Ridinger, Landseer or Daumier – to name but a few from five centuries – now comment on current events or jubilees and other festivities and occasions are to be honored, it’s always: every month new – every month something else.


Andrea Bartelucci
Italian jazz flutist and composer. After studying classic flute and chamber music and performing as solo flutist in Europe and America towards the end of the ’70s he started playing jazz, i. a. with several associates of Charles Mingus. Small wonder he has an open mind for developing into new directions, including modern jazz, fusion, and progressive rock. Frequently visiting Russia since the Iron Curtain came down he has his own BART quartet based in Saint Petersburg. His latest CD is Flirty Gerty recorded live at the JFC Club there, released by NIKITIN Record Company, Moscow.


CigarboxDesign: Illustration Designs for Cigar-Boxes and Pipe-Tobacco
Gouaches, watercolors, brush, pen, and pencil drawings by various artists, frequently heightened with gold, also white, and with gold relief painting, partly in connection with mounting, mostly on light cardboard. C. 1920. Fully illustrated.


experience ridinger 1698-1998
A selection from the 1998 jubilee catalog dedicated on the master’s 300th birthday to Johann Elias Ridinger triumphant through the centuries and his friends with 112 items original drawings & printing-plates , books & etchings in sets & single sheets , copies & early postcards. (German)


Hunters of the Wanted Prints
His pictures about everyone knows, his name not: Johann Elias Ridinger. He was the master of the hunt engraving and celebrates the 310th birthday this year. The antiquarians Lüder and Jan Niemeyer have specialized in the Baroque engraver’s lifework. (German)


JayAitchDesign: Web Design that Works
Professionally crafted, standards compliant web pages with no gimmicks to work in all major browsers. Static or dynamic, with or without database backbone, coded in HTML/XHTML with stylesheets (CSS) as well as PHP, Perl, Python, and Javascript.


marine niemeyer: set sails and put to sea
Start your voyage to new maritime rarities here: maritime and naval art, charts, manuscripts, diaries, biographies, and other marine-related books from XVth to XIXth centuries. With lots of illustrations.


lüder h niemeyer: Fine Arts and Rare Books since 1959
The fine arts & rare books address for paintings, drawings, prints, maps incl. old wall maps, manuscripts, books in rich selection, described comprehensively and mostly illustrated.


niemeyer artbooks: artbooks, facsimiles, Leonardo da Vinci, microfiche editions
Old and new art literature, facsimiles – especially of the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci – and microfiche editions of art-historical interest.


The Red Series – a creation of lüder h. niemeyer rare books & fine arts since 1959
Cassettes + bookbindings in red morocco with contents of highest quality , rarities grangerized with unique specimen , unique specimens paired with themselves or simply just a rarity or things of special beauty + charm. Shortly, high class showcase pieces.


ridinger gallery niemeyer – the address for Johann Elias Ridinger since 1959
Paintings, drawings, etchings, engravings, mezzotints, and books by and after Johann Elias Ridinger and his sons.


Johann Elias Ridinger on the Internet
Catalogs, art-historical lectures & essays, and publications on Johann Elias Ridinger.


From Georg Philipp to Johann Moritz Rugendas – 200 Years Artist Dynasty
Paintings, drawings, engravings, etchings, and mezzotints from 200 years and five generations of the Augsburg artist dynasty. Mostly illustrated.


Thienemann Online
The online version of the fundamental catalog of Johann Elias Ridinger’s engravings, mezzotints, and left drawings by Georg August Wilhelm Thienemann of 1856 as still indispensable for anyone interested in Ridinger. (German)

“ I received today your … with excellent small Hollar print in good condition. It like me very much … I will send you my new order, naturally it’s possible/again Hollar print. Thank you very much for all ”

(Mr. Z. B., September 12, 2003)